What merch pictures do you want to see?

Turns out i’ll be going to both the Seattle, and Portland dates. Let me know what you want to see and i’ll get the pictures!

1 year ago on 12 June 2013 ~ 2:34pm 19 notes
  1. spiceytime answered: The Summer Set, please!
  2. just-gofuckingnuts answered: bmth
  3. markyish answered: The Wonder Years!
  4. skyline-veins answered: I would love you forever if you took a picture of pink alligator and aspire and create. please and thanks<3
  5. itsmydisasterology answered: like moths to flames!
  6. adamoutspoken answered: Architects please :)
  7. offt0neverland answered: BLACK VEIL BRIDES PLEASEEE
  8. watermelon--smiles answered: Memphis May Fire
  9. hunnypeach answered: real friends and man overboard please
  10. iwishedonyourstar answered: sleeping with sirens!
  11. misterkubrick answered: BRING ME THE HORIZON
  12. pansexual-princesss answered: we came as romans, man overboard, the wonder years, and bmth pleeeeeasee?
  13. youtubers-are-sexy said: Never shout never!!!
  14. teenraqe answered: Aspire & create pretty please
  15. deansshh said: LMTF, Woe, Is Me, I See Stars
  16. eg112233 answered: letlive., fueled by ramen, the amity affliction, tonight alive, new years day
  17. losingphotographs answered: Heyo! I’ll be going to both of them as well :)
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